Thursday, July 29, 2010

11 dogs,2 pigs, 2 rabbits, 1 chicken & 1 raccoon

That's how many animals we had in fairview over the 24th of July. I know, it's ridiculous! It was quite interesting actually! We went to a farm scramble again and my nephews caught the pigs and a chicken, and my nieces caught the bunnies and decided Ashton should take care of them. So now, we have 2 bunnies, Snow Bell and Brittany.

Our trailer was the party trailer the first night. Ethan is in there somewhere asleep.

On the 25th we took the pontoon boat to Yuba Lake and had a blast! We went cliff jumping and Ashy joined in with us! We were so proud of how brave she was!

EDawg's big muscles!

Ty loved the water. He would just float around and say, "I'm swimming."

Best buddies!

Natalie and maggie

Maggie had her own little boat to ferry her so she wouldn't get wet.

So did Grandpa Joe! Here are the boys Greg, Jim and Lee ferrying him to the beach for lunch

After a fun day in the sun Ty was plum tuckered out. He slept through all the knee boarding!

Me, Joe and Ty

The boys!
Natalie wakeboarding. She was awesome!

Here's the princess!
On Saturday we went to the parade! Where the kids each got way too much candy!

Mister E with his bag of candy

My cute nieces begging for candy!

Ty begging for candy! He got more than anyone else I'm sure!
We love Fairview!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

For Paul

Our friend Paul Berg died one year ago yesterday from esophageal cancer. He was an amazing man! He was very giving, hilarious, fun, crazy, giving and just a great overall guy. He loved music and it was his dream to restore a 100 year old piano. He only got to restore 5 keys before he died. As a gift to him last night his friends got together and we each restored a key in his memory. We wrote our names on the keys and hope that soon that piano will play music just like Paul had dreamed. This was for you Paul! We love and miss you!

Ethan's key
Paul's wife Tiffany showing Ashy how to file down the key

Ashy gluing on the key!

Great job Ethan!

Ashton is all done!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Britnie Jo is Married!

My niece Britnie got married Saturday! Yay Brit!

Ashy loved being a flower girl!

LaLa and Katie Kate!

Ethan Greg and Grandma Rhoda!

The Girls with Gina! They matched!!

Leatua and the gorgeous bride!
Penny and Rhoda

Lauren and Katie!

Brit and Jason

Ashy and Chloe tending to their flower girl duties!

Ethan and Jake

Ashy and Chloe loving flower girl life!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Mom's work had a "community day" and we got to go. It was so much fun. Free food (cotton candy and snow cones included!), miniature ponies, a baby kangaroo, face painting, balloon animals, blow up slide and jump house. Everything a kid could want. They had a blast!

Ethan running down the slide!

Ashy with a baby Toucan!

Ashy showing Ty who loved the "birdie"

E riding the ponies!

Ashy riding the ponies!
Ty with Grandpa Jeff watching the kids ride the ponies. Ty was too scared to ride one, but He sure loved looking at them and petting them.

They got balloon animals

Ethan getting his face painted

He's a "rainbow tiger"!
Ashton with the baby kangaroo Theodore

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