Monday, August 31, 2009

Deer Creek 2009

Well, Greg and the kids won. We had so much fun last weekend that they wanted to go again, this time we took the trailer up to Deer Creek Reservoir. Jim & Nat brought the boat up and we had a blast! Here's some pics. Enjoy!

This is the only picture Greg took all weekend. Funny huh? He LOVES his trailer. Whatever makes you happy honey!

This is why he camps! Relaxation!
Jim wanted to cook breakfast on the boat so out we go to the no wake zone and Nat starts cooking up the bacon. When all of a sudden a boat decides to go fast and makes a huge wake......
picture this: teetering bbq, screaming kids, bacon flying, Natalie falling. Yep, it was very dramatic. Needless to say, the fishies had bacon for breakfast and we headed back to camp and cooked the old fashion less hazardous way.
We had fun swimming in the lake. Greg and Ashton that is. I watched the boys as they threw hundreds of rocks into the lake!
Ok, so Greg really wanted to take the kids to this gorgeous waterfall by sundance. So, we packed some drinks and got Ethan's old baby carrier that we hadn't used in like 3 years. I'm really kind of embarrassed but the next picture says it all:

does something look wrong here? Hmm......Ty had the funniest face while he was like this. I kept laughing and then I realized what was wrong.

There we go. So much better. Doesn't everybody look so happy 1/4 mile into?
Ethan found this caterpillar on the way up to the waterfall. He named him Fuzzy. We later set him free to find his family.
We made it!

They did so good!

Still happy, full of energy on our way back.
Ashton said she was an amazon princess here.
Mile 3..okay, now we're pushing it. They are so dirty and Ashton is exhausted. Ethan did awesome. He found the "sword" and it kept him busy most of the walk down the mountain.
Poor Ashton said she wanted to take her legs off like her Barbies.

Ty is done as well. Poor Greg carried Ty on his back for 2 miles then held him for 1 more before he went limp and fell asleep. If you have ever tried to carry a sleeping toddler on your shoulder you would know how hard it is. He slept the whole rest of the way. 4 miles! That's what we did! And it was a blast. I am so proud of the kids, they did so good. Now Greg wants to take them to Bridal Veil Falls....maybe we should wait a while.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Boating at Utah Lake

This weekend we went boating at Utah Lake with Greg's family. We had a lot of fun! Greg's brother Jim brought his grill and we bbqed hamburgers and hot dogs on the boat in the middle of the lake. The kids had a blast. Looks like they want to do it again next weekend too. We shall see. Here's some pics!

Ty Ty with Grandpa! He loves driving the boat!

Poor Grandma, she always has a shadow named Ethan. Doesn't E look comfy?

Ty loved swimming, I know he's crying here but somebody must have splashed him right after I took the pic.

Greg, Ethan, and Ashy's friend Savannah swimming in the lake

Grandma and Ty watchig the kids swim.

Me and Ty

Greg and Ty driving the boat.

Me and my silly Ashy!

Captain E driving with Daddy

While we were eating the seagulls came from all over Utah, it seemed. So, the kids jumped in to swim with them. They were so excited!

Ashy and Chloe!

Our friends have a private dock to the Lake so they let us launch there. They put this slide up. They all earned Snow Shacks from doing the slide into the lake. Once they all did it, they thought it was the greatest thing ever!

Posers! They are such girls!
Here's some video of the kids doing the slide. They all ended up doing it after.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

2nd Grade Here I come!

Hooray! Today was Ashton's first day of 2nd grade. She was so excited. Last night she picked out a very colorful outfit for her first day (reminded me of my clothes in elementary in the 80s). And then told me she wanted her hair curly with a headband... okay... so I put curlers in her hair right before she went to bed and Tada! You have a 2nd grader! She got up earlier than anyone else (which never happens) and was ready with 30 minutes to go. So, we took pictures to keep her busy. Here are some pics of our morning!

She looks so big! Yikes!
These boys are going to miss her so much!
My lil lady.

Ashton LOVES the school bus! Can you tell?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Girls Night Out

Girls nights outs rock. You know? We planned this girls night out sleepover in Salt Lake. Not all could come so if you were one of them who couldn't we missed you. But that didn't stop the party. We went to dinner at Pf Changs and then shopped at Gateway. Never had so much fun shopping in my life. Must have been the company. We stopped at Rocky Mountain chocolate factory where Natalie & I shared the YUMMIEST apple pie caramel apple in the world. Oh my holy yum. Then, we hung at the hotel and just were girls. Not Mommies, just girls. Had so much fun. Please don't surprised by what pictures came out of this trip. I think our waiter spiked our waters.

Natalie trying out the very cool bed. You had to be there i guess

yes, it's a tampon. Once again. I seriously think we were drugged. Maybe the apple?

Aww... sorry Codi, I had to. This was so funny. Once again, you had to be there to appreciate!

Hee hee!


Do you believe me yet?

So, the next morning we get and get dressed and yup! We are all wearing the same jean capris. I guess that's what happens when we all shop together. Wouldn't have it any other way! We rock! So we finished our awesome girls night out by meeting the rest of our girlies in Park City for some school shopping at the outlets! Had so much fun! I love my girlies!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dear Henlen, rest in peace

Our dear little Henlen died yesterday, or at least we found it dead yesterday. No known cause of death yet. No, the cats didn't get it. I was slammed doing hair when Ashy ran in the house screaming hysterically that her chicken was dead. She's traumatized. I had to call Greg because I literally had hair to do ALL day. So, he came home from work and they buried Henlen in the back yard. Ashy made her a nice sweet headstone. Poor girl. She's devastated. It really was the sweetest chicken I've ever met. I'm serious. She sat with Ashy all the time. We will miss you Henlen!
-Love your family

Monday, August 10, 2009

What do hail, 4 wheeling, smores, fishing, and a blown out tire equal?

Yes yes, another camping trip. This time we packed up the trailer and headed to Wyoming with our amazingly awesome friends the Heaton family and the Butterfield family. That's 6 adults, and 11 1/2 kids (Amber is 7 months pregnant). We had so much fun. Here's some highlights.

Do you think there are enough kids on this wheeler? There just weren't enough 4 wheelers there. If you took 1 for a ride, you had to TRY to take them all.

Here's my Hottie, cookin' breakfast.

Hangin' in the trailer.

We camped right by the river. The kids spent most of the time there swimming and boat racing. They made boats with the bark on the trees then raced them down the "waterfall". They loved it. Here are some pics of them swimming in the creek.

FISHING! Is there such a thing as camping without fishing? I think not! We caught so much fish.

And, gutting the fish. This is my job. I don't know why but I always end up being the fish killer and cooker. I know some of these pictures are gruesome but Greg was getting a kick out of the kids' faces.

Here's Lexi with the one eyed frog. She wanted to keep it but her Mommy said no because she felt sorry for the frog with one eye. Poor mutated frog.

Hanging around the campfire. We spent the first 2 days here because it was really cold. So cold, that the first night it hailed. Yes, hail in August. Yikeys! That's ok it was only for a couple of minutes. The smores made it all better.
Oh yes. The Butterfields blew a tire luckily right by the exit to Evanston. So, we pulled over, and got it fixed and went on. Just kidding, I wish that were the case. We didn't exactly have everything we needed to fix this tire. So, this nice nice nice man brought over his tools and changed the tire while Greg & Kelton helped by holding the flashlight. It was too late to go on, plus we had no more spares, so we camped at the Walmart in Evanston. I've never seen anyone be so excited to sleep in a Walmart parking lot before. The kids were stoked. What an end to an awesome trip!

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