Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mascot bowl 2010

We had a lot of fun at the Mascot bowl this year! The kids each got a poster and had the mascots sign them before the game. Of course Cosmo, Leo the Lion and the Jazz Bear were our favorites!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Our next makeovers are approaching and it's like a snowball rolling down the hill. It's getting bigger and bigger. We started out with just the Gleason Home but my friend Connie who is in charge of decorating had this amazing idea. She thought since we have so many willing people who want to help and only 3 rooms in the Gleason home why not take on some more? So we made a call to Now I Can which is a therapy clinic in Provo and decided to makeover a therapy room in their clinic as well as giving 5 of their patients room makeovers as well.
Well, I am helping Connie oversee the room makeovers and make sure everyone is in place as well as helping with the families during the makeovers, oh yeah, and the blog and the facebook page. I'm so excited!!!
Today, I got the bios of the new families and I just cried looking at their pictures and reading their stories. Almost all have cerebral palsy all but one is in a wheelchair and they are all under the age of 6. Their stories are heartbreaking! I am so thankful for the opportunity to get to know them & fell so lucky to be able to help them! I love the opportunity to get to know these families.
Keep us in your prayers the week of October 4th as we dive in! If you want to help in any way just let me know! I would love for you to experience what I love!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Love APX

We went up to APX in Provo and got our $30,000 check for Heart 2 Home! I was so impressed to find out that all the money came from employees of APX. They gave their own money to give back to the community! I couldn't believe it! APX I love you!

The Thill Family (past makeover recipients) came and brought their kids to enjoy this experience! And I must say i sat behind them and I could not believe how well behaved they all were! What cute little kiddos!

Tada! Thirty thousand smackers!

Heart 2 Homies 4 eva! This is my new found twinner Mindy who will be recieving the next home makeover in 12 days!!!

Loved this backdrop! Congrats Heart 2 Home and Utah Prader Willi Syndrome!

John Thill and Greg getting ready for their speeches!

So proud of you Gregory! You work so hard and it paid off! So excited to start the next makeover!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

And it has begun...

Football season has begun! We took the trailer up to BYU Friday and tailgated. We had alot of fun! Go COUGARS!

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