Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We'll miss you Paul

Our friend Paul Berg died at home at 1am this morning. We were really sad to hear the news, but at the same time happy for Paul. Happy to know He left ready to go. Ready to go on without cancer. I've never really known Paul without cancer. I remember the first time I met Paul. It was around Christmas. I remember because it was Heart2Home's very 1st makeover and Paul was there and He had literally just had surgery to remove a tumor from his jaw. He couldn't talk but still managed to make us laugh with his awesome humor. My favorite memory of Him was when I was still cutting his hair. He had had a couple of chemo treatments and was about to lose his hair. And I remember us all laughing when I asked him what he wanted with his haircut and he joked for me to not take too much off cuz he wanted to grow it out. That's how Paul was. He had a great sense of humor. That's how I will remember Paul. Laughing at cancer.

Kaylan, Tiff and Paul at Heart2Home's black tie dinner earlier this year.

Paul and Tiff right after the Groves Makeover. He still has his goatee. Wow!
Working on the Smeltzer's Makeover
Paul showing us his silly side at the Smelzter makeover

Paul working on the Hanson Makeover. I remember Greg was really impressed by how strong Paul was.
Paul's last makeover. Here he is tuning the piano at the Hill Makeover. This past spring.
Paul and Tiff
Our most recent memory with Paul. Our family will remember it forever. Thankyou Paul for your friendship. You will be missed.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's almost midnight. I can't sleep. Everybody's asleep except for me. My mind won't stop so here I am. I couldn't stop thinking about our friends as I was laying next to Greg, listening to him sleep so peacefully. And I just started to cry. We have a friend who is dying of cancer. His wife is so strong I don't know how she does it. He has been So sick for months now. I remember thinking, "just make it to Mother's Day," and then "hold on for Tiff's birthday," and He's still fighting. The past couple of weeks have been really rough for them. He's taken a turn for the worst, they've started Hospice, signed the DNR and every day we wonder, "How's Paul today? " Greg called Tiff right before we went to bed and she said He'd fallen into a coma and that the nurse said He had about 24 hours. All I can think about is how sad I feel for Tiff and their kids for what they are going through right now. I watched Greg as he was sleeping and thought about how lucky I am to have him next to me, safe, healthy, without any pain and how much he means to me. I almost felt guilty for that thought but I am. I just pray that the Berg family will have some peace. Well, goodnight. I'm going to go try and go back to sleep now. 'night

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Openhouse SLC was a blast

Lee (Greg's lil bro) got us a hookup monday night. We went to Openhouse SLC featuring David Osmond, Jason Hewlet, and Macy Gray at the Salt Place. All for free. We had so much fun. They fed us yummy food with dessert (yum) and then we watched the concert. They were all good. But, our favorite was Jason Hewlet. This was our 3rd time seeing his act. If you don't know who he is you are missing out. He is hilarious. He's the best celebrity impersonator I've ever seen. He's AMAZING!

Here's Jason doing his impersonation of Michael Jackson

This is what it would be if Axle Rose & Marge Simpson were to do a concert together. Hilarious!

Jason singing "What a wonderful world." Sorry about my homage to Jason Hewlet but I couldn't pick a favorite. These were just a few of my favorites. His whole act is amazing.
Jason doing Alvin & the Chipmunks.

Me and my sis in law Natalie at the concert. We had a blast

Macy Gray belting it out. I haven't really heard any of her songs besides "I try," (which reminds me of when Greg and I were dating..... sorry). Anyways, we were really suprised by some of her songs. Some were REALLY dirty....oops.

This was the look on Greg's Parents' faces either during one of the dirty songs or when she dropped the F bomb. I'm not sure which. We were really embarrassed for them.

All in all we had a good time. Thank you Lee for a very fun and cost free night. Yay!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

105 degrees + softball = Heatstroker softball tournament in St. George

We just got home from a quick weekend to St. George. Greg's buddies put a team together for the Heat Stroker softball tournament. They played all night Friday and came back to the hotel at 7:30 am on Saturday. We swam, went hiking, shopped, swam again, and bbq-ed with our friends and watched the UFC fights and then at 11pm they started the tourney again. Needless to say, we are SO TIRED. Especially Greg, his legs are killin'. Here are some fun pics.
The boys in their dugout!

They look so serious.
The kids didn't last very long but don't they look content?
Well... they were content 'til Ty woke up and decided he was bored. So he tried to wake them up by laying on them. Didn't work. They were OUT!

Here are some fun pics of our hike.

Paityn, Ashy and Ethan

Austin & Kathryn took us to this place. There's this crack in the rock. It's not very big. You hike up it and are wedged and I mean wedged. That's Austin trying to squeeze his way up. I wish these pictures had sound because Austin was making some Really funny noises. I'm way stinkin' squished. Ashy was nervous I was going to get stuck. I didn't... barely. I was so proud of the kids. They were so good and had a lot of fun.
I can't believe I didn't get stuck.

Here's Greg with Ty overlooking St. George.

Ty with Pressley.

Here are some pictures of the bbq/swim party at Amber's parents house. The kids loved it. They were so happy to swim with their friends. It's been a while since they've all been together since the Heatons moved to Wyoming.

Ashton, Lexi, and Savannah

Lexi, Ashton and Paityn

Ashy in all her silliness

Lots of giggly girls taking a dip in the pool. WE LOVE ST. GEORGE

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ty, you are so silly

Ty has been doing this new silly face and it cracks me up every time. Ethan and I were blowing up some balloons and Ty was intrigued at first and then he got a little scared. During the video, I'm trying to blow up a ballon but I can't stop laughing. He was intrigued, then it wore off and he was scared when I took the pics.

He's not crying, I swear he just winces and then does this face.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Happy 4th of July! We had such a fun weekend. Friday was a scorcher so we decided to take some of our nieces, my lil sis and Greg's brother Lee and float the Provo River. Here we are getting ready to push off. Ethan was so scared. He sat in my lap the whole time terrified.
Getting ready to go down our first set of rapids. Look at Lauren't face. She was so nervous and kept saying, "I want my mom." She had fun a lil later I promise.
Ashy and Greg. She loved it. She got out of the raft a couple of times and got on the tube. She froze though. That water was COLD.

Oh this pic makes me laugh. Don't jaide and Kate look so happy. About 5 minutes after this was taken their raft flipped over and they were soaked. They also lost their sunglasses and flip flops. I wish I had that on video. It was hilarious.
Post flip. They are so wet.
This makes me laugh too. Here's Lee telling us all about how they flipped and inspecting his injuries. Notice the HUGE hole in his shirt where he somehow got caught when they flipped. Poor guy.

Saturday morning we got up at 5:30am (yes, I know we're crazy) and drove to Provo for the Hot air balloon festival. The kids loved it. Well...all but Ty. He was scared when they lit the fires.
Ethan's favorite hot air balloons were the smokey the bear and Tony the Tiger.
Ashton's favs were Tony the Tiger and a blue and black one.

Here's Uncle Jim trying to show Ty that they aren't that scary. Ty liked them once they were in the air.

Happy 4th of July everybody!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Greg's been bitten by a Cobra

Scared you there for a sec didn't I? On Thursday, our good friend Paul Berg invited us for a drive in his new Cobra. Talk about the SWEETEST car in the entire world. It is GORGEOUS and way stinkin fast. My family has all been bitten. We had so much fun. Especially Greg. Here are some fun pics of our joyride with Paul.

Thanks Paul for the awesome joyride. We really appreciate it. Especially with all that's going on with you guys right now. It was very nice to think of us.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Boy do I wish some things were hereditary.

I have a very domesticated mother. She is an amazing cook. She crochets amazing things, like Ashton's blessing dress for example. I can't. I can make a really long rope. But let's be real. Who wants to wear a long rope? And she can sew. All these she got from her mother. But no. I did not. So, whenever I can snag her away I take advantage of her many talents. She needed her hair colored so I thought. Hmm..... Oh yes! I did! After she was all beautified I had her take in a couple of my skirts cuz I finally lost my baby weight. Yay. And Ethan asked Grandma to make his GI joe some clothes out of some extra fabric from our office curtains. So, this is what they came up with. Ethan was mesmerized. He watched her sew the outfit together and was so impressed. She made him some pajamas, an army hat and a tie. Then had some leftover fabric and tied it around Ethan's head. Ethan was so excited he pretended he was a ninja. So, needless to say Grandma sure made our day. Now Ashy wants a sewing machine for her birthday. I'll have to talk my mom into giving her sewing lessons 'cuz I won't be of much help.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Roundup Week

The last week in June is my very most favorite-ist week. It's Roundup week in Lehi. We have SO much fun ALL week. And the best part is that everything is very family oriented. From picnics at the park, outdoor movies, to parades and even a rodeo. Here a little of our week in review minus some fun days because I forgot my camera.

The Roundup Rodeo. The kids had so much fun. Ash was out of control. She absolutely loved the barrel racing. She cheered so loud we had to tell her to tone it down a little.
Ethan's favorite part of the rodeo was the entertainment. This is some video we took of Ethan enjoying the motorcycles. Seriously, these guys are amazing. They did some CRAZY tricks. Ethan LOVED it! Now he wants a motorcycle. OH SHOOT!
Tyson took 2nd place in the Lehi baby contest which meant we had to be in the Miniature parade on Friday night. My friend Britney (the cute brunette next to me) and her lil girl Hallie also won which was nice so I wasn't alone feeling awkward waving to the crowds.
Saturday was the Mammoth parade. They call it the mammoth parade because it is so long. As you can see it got Really hot so my kids cooled off with some snow cones and found shade under Grandma Penny's umbrellas.

After the parade we headed to Wines park and had a lot of fun with all the activities there. Here are the kids at the petting zoo. Tyson loved the bunnies but hated the chickens, they made him cry. Ash loved the baby cows and the pigs and Ethan loved the turtles and the horses.

Then, Sunday was my 28th birthday. Greg and the kids cleaned the house, made me this YUMMY chocolate cake and bought me a bike for my birthday. It was a great birthday! Thank you to my sweet sweet family. Love you! I told you it was The funnest week EVER!

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