Saturday, July 30, 2011

Our California Adventure!

We decided to take a last minute trip to California! We had so much fun! We got a hotel on Newport Beach and were beach bums for 3 days of fun in the sun! LOVED it! Our most-est favorite place was Balboa. We had never heard of it but took a whale tour and it departed from Balboa. Needless to say, we stayed in Balboa from sunup to sundown and had the best day ever. We rented bikes for $10 each all day and road up the coast along Balboa to Newport Beach. So glad we went and spent some time with our sweet babes.

Found out that Ashy is part fish.

ethan loves digging in the sand for crab

Ashy was a little mommy to Ty. Seriously couldn't live without my Missy Miss

The boys did a puppet show

Ashy wants to be a marine biologist now

Touching the starfish at the Santa monica Aquarium

Fun fact: If you scare a sea cucumber, as a defense it throws up all it's insides. True. I saw it. Gross! don't worry, the sea cucumber grows it all back

Greg's most favorite thing? Playing in the waves with the kids. He was in heaven

Seriously the Biggest pizza we've ever tried to eat. It was sooo good

Our whale tour. Sorry, my camera is not a zoomer. That is a mommy blue whale with a baby to the left. We saw 4 whales and lots of dolphins and seals. The kids were very impressed

Ty on the whale watching tour with his Dada

Lovin' the boat ride on "Davey Jones

Ty fell asleep on our bike ride. We must have worn him out!

Ty turned into a gangster when I asked him to smile

Tyson and Greg playing in the waves

The Santa Monica Aquarium

my surfer babe!

Monday, July 25, 2011

24th of July weekend

what did we do for the 24th? went to Fairview of course! It's a tradition! First we did the Kid's Rodeo where the kids did the money goat, money cow, and of course the favorite, the farm scramble! This year the only one who caught animals was Katie who not only caught 1 chicken, she caught 2!

Ashy & Chloe

Getting ready to release the "money goat" for the younger kids.

Ethan's dollar (from Grandma Penny who gave one to each grandchild who didn't get money from the goat or cow ) What a sweet Grandma!

Ty's dollar from Grandma

Ashy's battle scars from chasing the money cow.

One of Katie's chickens!

Kylee with the other.

Katie & Ashy so excited to show off the Chickens

Friday we, along with Jim & Nat's family went camping up Fairview Canyon by Electric Lake. It was Beautiful up there. We had so much fun! Lots of fishing, relaxing, tin foil dinners and tenting.

Ashy & Ty fishing at Boulder

Ashy with one of her fish

Then at Electric Lake in front of our camp the kids swam and caught baby fish in cups.

Ethan making his way through our camp to catch fishies.

Ty took the camera and took this picture of the adults chillin'

my little Tys Ty

Ethan and Jake wading in water.

2 gorgeous girls!

The boys decided this was a good spot to watch the Elk stroll up and down across the lake

Uncle Jim took Ty fishing on his new fishing boat. They had a blast! Ty came back completely asleep on Nat's lap. He must have had too much fun!

Ashy & Ty showing off their Fishing trophies!

This is a video of the chaos of the money goat.

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