Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I think I bit off more than I can chew this time. Heart 2 home is at it again only this time we are giving the Women's prison a makeover. Specifically the therapy rooms. I told them I could take on 2 rooms to make over. After alot of freaking out I had to back out and only do one. I still haven't found my team and I have to email information to get clearance for my team tonight. Yikes!!!! Also, I have some serious scheduling problems this time as Greg's high school Alumni basketball tournament is the same week. Which wouldn't be so bad except He's in charge of that one too. Say a little prayer for me so I can make this work!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Mom! Tyson....

Oh my goodness. Funny story of the day:
I laid Ty down for his nap while I did some hair today. While I was walking her out Tyson woke up so I sent Ethan upstairs to get him for me because my client was telling me a story. Well..she never got to finish her story because Ethan yelled down to me, "Mom, Tyson pooped all over his face." Yay. She hurried and left and I went to inspect this disaster. I knew as soon as I smelled him...He had chocolate smooshed all over his face, down his neck and onto his clothes. My poor client. Who knows what she was thinking when she left. We had a good laugh at that one.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

This year we kept to our family tradition of a candle light steak dinner with the kids. We never go out on Valentine's Day. It's too stressful and we enjoy the family time. The kids begged us to light all the candles in the house.

We invited Greg's parents over again this year for dinner. It was their 47th wedding Anniversary and we loved sharing the day with them. We had a good time.

Since it was their 47th wedding anniversary Joe got Penny something special...
Tada!! Holy cow it's gorgeous. Of course Joe couldn't pick just one. He got her 2 rings to choose from. Here's the winner. AMAZING!! So pretty!
So sweet!
The kids showing off their treasures, except for Ty. Where is Ty? Hmm.. I have no idea.
Greg got me flowers. I'm not a rose type of person so he got me a beautiful assortment of spring flowers. Oh... let's not forget my favorite....chocolate covered strawberries! Yummy! Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

We had our first family home evening with Tina's lil family. We had a good time. Raven's been asking Ashy about her being baptized so we had a little lesson about it. Ethan conducted, Jayden said the opening prayer, Ashy and Greg did the lesson, Raven said the closing prayer and Tina and I had treat and activity. We decorated sugar cookies. Of course it was a hit. The kids had lots of fun decorating them and we had even more fun eating them.
Greg, Ashy and Raven

the monkeys working on their masterpieces

Tina, Jayden and Ethan

Even Ty got to join in.

Jayden started school just in time for their field trip to the Krispy Creme donut factory. They had so much fun! Ethan came home and told me that they watched the donuts go into a machine and come out all shiny. They both want a donut machine now. Yikeys!

Cute little cousins!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Getting Settled in

Today was a good day. Very busy. We got Raven and Jayden enrolled in school. Jayden will be in preschool with Ethan and Raven's classroom is right next to Ashton's. It couldn't have worked out better. Ashton is so excited to show Raven the bus stop and walk her to class. It's perfect. We also looked at apartments today and are excited to have found one that would be great. Cross your fingers. We are waiting for the phone call. Talked to Jen today. She's doing alot better. She tried the stairs for the first time. She said it was really hard. But she's moving forward and getting better little by little. Hopefully, the rest of February will be good just like today ;D!

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