Friday, January 29, 2010

New Roomies!

We are getting some new roomies tonight. My sis Tina and her kiddos Raven & Jayden are moving in from Montana. Ashton is so excited for her "twin" cousin to go to school with her. Us girls won't be outnumbered anymore!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Update on Jen

I was able to go with my Mom and visit Jen today. She looked so tired poor thing. She's doing better but still can't control her left side that well. Still has double vision. But the doctors are hopeful. They think the clot was caused by her birth control. I know...crazy crazy crazy! I wish I could help her. But, what can I do you know. I'm so glad she has Jake to help her through this. He's a great guy and she sure loves him. He's so supportive. She's not going to let this get the best of her I'm sure. Thanks for your concern and prayers for her. Keep them coming. She needs to walk down the aisle April 8th. Love you Jen.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A STROKE at 22?

This is my beautiful Asian sister from another mother. (It's a long story. Our parents were once married but no longer. But will forever be my little sis). I love love love her so much! Jen is 22 years old and had a stroke Sunday night. Seriously! I couldn't believe it! She's still in the hospital and is doing ok. She is probably going to need rehabilitation as she still can't move the left side of her body. I'm going to visit her tomorrow. The kids have been making her cards tonight for me to take up.

And this is her sweet fiance Jake who has been taking such good care of her and has even updated their blog to fill us in on how she's doing. Thanks Jake for taking care of her. I hope you fill better soon Jen. I love you! Hugs girlie.


My little TyTy has all of a sudden decided that He's big. Yesterday He went potty twice. I'm not ready. Don't get me wrong, It's great! But I'm not ready for my littlest guy to big a big boy. Stay little little guy!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


That's it! I've had it with this cold wet stuff from the sky. Ethan's ears have been hurting for a couple of days so I called the dr and got him an appointment. Being a stay at home mom I decide to wear my cute black high heel boots. (obviously I don't get around much if I get dressed up for a dr appointment. We were loading up and noticed the tail gate to the truck was down. So, I try to put it up while holding Tyson in my arms. And then.... kaplunk, bang, crash, scream. I fell. On the way down I hit my face on the tail gate which came down as well. I was sopping wet with Ty on top of me! It hurt so bad I cried a little. Ty was worried and Ethan just looked at me like I was an idiot. So, I had to take Ethan to the drs still sopping wet and in pain with my makeup splattered. So much for dressing up. So embarrassing. I still hurt. Ouchie!!! I had Ethan look the side of my face to see if it looked yucky and he said, " No. You always look pretty." Thanks bud! You're so sweet. But, I'm still in pain. I hope I can move tomorrow!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bring on the CHOCOLATE!

As you can see I am completely and utterly bored with January! Blah! So, I've decided to skip it and dive right into February. Bring on Valentines Day and Bring on the Chocolate!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Congrats Diego & Raquel

My cousin Diego & his new gorgeous wife Raquel's reception was Saturday. I have never had so much fun at a reception in my life. It was definately a celebration. My uncle is from Mexico and Raquel's dad is as well so it was a mexican fiesta! The kids LOVED it! Diego & Raquel met while performing with ROC (remembering our Culture) at BYU. They are amazing. Raquel sings so pretty. They started off with a dance together. So sweet. They are definately in love.

My lil bro Joe, me and my Cousin Branda

Diego, Raquel and Ty

Aunt Molli

Uncle Franco
Ok, so this is a tradition on the Quintana side of the family. I think they called this the snake. The kids thought this was so fun! This was right before they threw the garter and the bouquet.

Here are my cousins Amanda & Branda helping Ashy try to catch the bouquet.
Here's Ethan dancing with Diego. They did what they called the money dance where you pin money on either the bride or the groom and dance with them. Ashton, Ethan and I all danced with the groom. It was a lot of fun! They had dollar bills pinned all over them!

Baile Ashy and Greg

Francisco & Branda

Jojo and Ashy
We danced forever! The kids had so much fun we had to pull them off the dance floor. I'm not kidding. Ethan keeps asking when they are going to have anothe reception. So much fun!

Congratultions you guys! You are so cute together! Best of luck! We love you!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Go #4

It's basketball time again! Ashton is so excited to be playing again with her friends Lexi and Bailey! Our friend Kelton is her coach. She loves playing and we love watching her games! Go #4!

Lexi, Ashton and Bailey

Some pointers from Coach Butterfield

and then some more from Daddy

Good job Lexi!

Here's Ashy's mad dribbling skills

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!

Yay for 2010! We rang in the new year at the farm in Fairview. Our friends, the Butterfields came up on New Years Day and stayed the rest of the weekend. We had fireworks, went sledding, had a bonfire in the snow, treed a cougar, played scum until 3am every night. It was a blast!

watching the fireworks!

Ashy with her best friend Lexi

Grandma & Grandpa smoochin' in the New Year!

Greg's brother is an avid hunter and treed this cougar. The men and the kids thought it was the coolest thing ever. They literally stood directly under it. I however, stayed in the truck.

Alli and Lexi Butterfield


Lexi and Alli

Our boys!

Codi & Kyson

Greg & Ashy

Me and Ashy

Alli and Ethan

Me and Ethan

My little snow angels
this is a video of me & Codi sledding. We went so fast! We laughed so hard!

Hope the rest of 2010 is this fun!

good riddance 2009

Dear 2010,
Be nice!!!


Oh my gosh! There was an earthquake last night around 1am. Ty woke up me, Ethan and Greg with his crying. So I got up and started to go get Ethan at the top of the stairs and BOOM. It was sooooo loud. It sounded and felt like something hit the house. I screamed. Poor Ethan was scared to death he went in with Greg while I got Ty back to sleep. Then Greg and I got our flashlights and just waited for something else to happen. It was so scary. We weren't sure if there would be more or even what it was. Thank goodness for facebook. Everyone got on and we figured out it sure was. Crazy! So, today I'm going through my house and moving decor that could possibly fall on the kids while they slept, checking our food storage and putting flashlights in each room just in case. That was so scary!!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Our Crazy Christmas

We had a very very crazy christmas this year! 2009 was full of drama and Christmas was no exception. But we made the most of it and had a great Christmas!
Christmas Eve:
We always have dinner & a party. Grandma Penny always goes all out. Santa always stops by right before he starts his long night.

Ty was really skeptical of Santa
Christmas morning:
Here are the kids pleading for a peek at Santa's work!

Christmas Dinner at My house:

My step sister Jaimie teaching Ashy how to thread her new sewing machine that Santa brought her
I hope you had a very
MeRrY CHrIsTmAs!
Love, the AdAmSoN FaMiLy!

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