Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We couldn't wait to hold you
And see your pretty face.
To count your little fingers,
And check your toes are in their place.

It should have been the happiest day
To remember all our life.
But joy had turned to heartache,
No breath, no beat, no life.

We will never see you smile,
Or hear your hearty cry.
We will never be able to dry your tears,
Or share your happy times.

Our precious little Angel,
We will always know your face.
In our hearts and stars forever,
You will always have a place.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


We did it! We made it! I'm still reeling in excitement! Let's start at the beginning. This makeover was suppossed to be only the Gleason Family, but because we had so many volunteers, we were able to do more! I was ready to just sit back and enjoy this from an outside looking in point of view. There wasn't really a job for me besides the 'social media' I always do, like handling the blog and facebook page. And then this makeover grew and I ended up helping Connie, who was the project manager. I got to go meet 5 awesome families who have children like Pressley who needed some help. We ended up only doing 4 room makeovers and the Now I Can facility. I loved my role. I've never got to do this! I loved it! I got to really know and love these families. It was scary there for a sec, when a designer dropped out, but as they always do, it worked out and I truly believe it turned out better! Here is a little look in:

Gleason Makeover:

The Gleason Family on Demolition day.

The boys loved coming and visiting Daddy on site!

Tyson, E, and Ky taking a donut break!

Here's Ty wearing Greg's work gloves! They made him feel pretty special!

Tearing off the back porch to make room for the addition!

Here's the new Heart 2 Home trailer! Pretty shnazzy huh!
Seeing all the volunteers who came on site were amazing! On Reveal day we had so many of Mindy's neighbors shoveling dirt and laying sod, most of whom wee over 60years old! Very humbling!
The BYU football team came out again and worked! Jaide (bottom right) loved it I'm sure! haha! The football player in the white shirt asked her out. Greg's been teasing her ever since!

Jason Speredon and the rest of the football team working!

Connie got to do a very special mural for Pressley's bedroom!

I was able to spend reveal day with the Gleason family. Mandalyn Academy in American Fork pampered Mindy with a pedicure and I got to sit with her and be with the sweet family during their special day!

Then, we went to PF Changs for lunch with the Micki, The Gleasons and their parents. Lunch was so yummy. Thankyou PF Changs!

I took this picture of Mike and Pressley during lunch. It was so cute, I couldn't resist!

We must have worn her out because during lunch Presley fell asleep! What a little angel

Thankyou again PF Changs!

After lunch we had to rush over to meet at the church down the street from Mindy's house for the reveal. We were all so excited!

Cosmo was there. At first, Presley cried when she saw him and then she couldn't get enough of him!

Thankyou Cosmo and the Orem Police for coming out and leading the convoy!

One last pic before we head out! We had to take separate cars because of all of Presley's machines so Micki and I got to ride in the Cosmobile! Too cool!

What a rush! It was so much fun and so cool to see what our families see. Overwhelming!

Tada! Welcome home Gleason Family! We love you!

Tada! Here's Pressley's new room! Simply beautiful! Good job J Team and Connie!

I think Presley likes her "buh fly" room don't you?
I love you Gleason family! I hope this little addition will help your family! Thankyou for letting me be a part of your story! I will remember it forever! Love you guys!

And Now off to the Now I Can makeover!

Here are some Before pics:

Here are some working pictures:

Connie and Micki working on the Mural in a therapy room!

A bathroom, sorry, it's upside down.
After pics:

another bathroom (upside down again, what's my prob?

The Reaction from Tracey who started Now I Can! Priceless!

Group pic at the reveal!
"Pressley's Friends' room love overs"

The Martin Family:

This is Bella Martin, a beautiful 3 year old girl suffering from Cerebral Palsy. Katie Pace was the team leader for her makeover and did a great job!

Before pic.
After pic

Bella with her Mom, Kendra! I think they like it!

Such a sweetie!

I hope you like your room Bella!

The Fox family:

This is 3 year old Brandon Fox. He has cerebral palsy also. He has a twin sister and 2 brothers who are also twins. When we went to meet with the Fox family we knew we had to do both rooms. And so we planned! It was all set until wednesday when we couldn't get a hold of the designer who had signed up. We were scrambling! Then all of a sudden, we got a call that the girl who was doing the twin sister had run with it and wanted to do the boys as well! MIRACLE! Couldn't believe it! We were a lil behind so Jaide and I went over to help and I got a call from the BYU service group asking if we needed help! Um uh huh! So we got 3 more painters and all was good! Thank you BYU we couldn't have done it without you!
Funny story, so I had my phone in my pocket when I bent over to pick up something and "Plop" my phone fell into that open can of pink paint! haha! It was hilarious! What are the chances for real! And guess what, it still works! hahaha!

Before pic of the boys' ro

Before pic of the boy's room:

After pic:

Obvioysly HUGE BYU fans!

Who better to carry you into your new "BYU ROOM" than Cosmo

Katelyn and Brandon shared a room before. So we decided to give Katelyn a girly room!
Here's a before, neutral:

Katelyn's reveal:

The Sanft Family:

This is 2 1/2 year old Dresden. Dresden has cerebral palsy and he works so hard trying to walk and use his right hand.

Dresden's before pic: Team Leader- Natalie Adamson (yep my sis in law and her mama)

Mid makeover pics:

Vicki painting the bathroom
Natalie's brother Parker helping. Let me remind you that they live in Layton and this house is in Provo! They were commuting and were happy to do it. Why? Because they are just that amazing!
Reveal time:
Cosmo and the family waiting to go in!
The After picture.

Tada! Dresden loved the toys! He went and played with them immediately! Oh yes, and the swing that is the same as the one he uses in therapy at Now I Can!

Playing with his new toys! Thankyou Natalie, Vicki and the rest of your team! You guys are amazing as usual!

The Juber Family:
I can't find Tyson Juber's pic right now but that's ok, He's in these pics. Tyson shares a room with his brother Karston. Parents Brande and Nate worked really hard trying to put this room together. The beds are actually one bed that Nate took apart and used 2x4s to make them. When we met with this family everyone of us had a special feeling with them! I don't know what it is but they are very special. My bestie Codi volunteered to be the team leader and as we walked out of the house she said she wanted to do the parent's room as well. We told her if she could pull it off then absolutely, she could do it. Her team sure did and then some. While visiting with them they realized that the 11 month old baby didn't have a crib and slept in a playpen in the paren't room. That wasn't ok with Codi and they got Jenna a cute little crib and spruced up older sister Brylee's room as well (couldn't track down the pics amongst the hundreds we have).

Tyson and Karston's before room:

The After:

I love the reaction!!!
The team that made it happen!
Brande took this picture of Tyson as she tucked him into bed that night. What a happy little boy! If we all had Tyson's enthusiasm for life, the world would be a better place! I love that little boy!
Brande and Nate's bedroom before:
The After:

This picture says it all! This is why I love Heart 2 Home! These families! I am so thankful to be able to meet these amazing families and help them have a little bit of joy in a life that sometimes may seem unfair or hard. They are the true heroes who work hard every day to live! I love every one of these families so much and I'm so happy right now! Thank you Heart 2 Home!

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