Thursday, October 29, 2009

Makeoer update

This week has been so exhausting, busy, crazy, exciting, stressful, but fun week. My team and I got over $2,000 donated to Sharon and Cam's rooms. Oh wait, I never added that I was asked to take on Cameron's room as well. Well, we did it! We have EVERYTHING we needed and stayed under budget! Yay! We are ready to go but have to wait for the windows to be replaced and the Sharon's room to be recarpeted. So, tomorrow after the Halloween class parades and parties we will be going to the house and finish. I'm so excited but stressed at the same time. Can't wait to see them come home to their home! I hope they liked what we did. Here are some pics of the
past week.

Tuesday students from Cyprus High School came out in the snow and worked for HOURS.

Notice no decor pics. It's a surprise silly!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ready, set, let's do this!

Here is a very rough draft of the schedule for the Sevy Makeover starting Tomorrow, October 26. I call it a rough draft because the schedule depends on volunteers showing up and getting things done on time and the donatations showing up as well.
Monday:Gutting of the house. Everything is coming out from the carpet, doors, cabinets and trim, to the concrete in the driveway. We will need some manpower there.
Tuesday: cleanup and painting the interior and exterior. As well as pouring of the concrete driveway and wheelchair ramps
Wednesday: Painting and cleanup. Carpeting and tile work
Thursday: Clean up, yard work, and decorating.
Friday: Finishing touches. Welcome home Sevy family at 5pm. We would love to have lots of people there to welcome the Sevy family home. Come and see what we did to Sharon's room!
Hope to see you there!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

just breath, it'll come always does.

This past week I have been stressing over this makeover. I have taken on the Mom, Sharon' room. I met with her on Monday at her house to get a feel for what she has, what she needs, and what she wants. I am absolutely overwhelmed by this family's need. Her husband Cam is paralized. In February 2007, while sledding with his son, Cameron hit a tree which paralized him. Their house needs wheelchair accessability, as well as some SERIOUS fixes. As I was talking to my Honey about how we are going to get this all done in 5 days he said, "it'll come together, it always does." I'm overwhelmed. However, this is their 11th project and like Greg said, it always comes together. We have seen many many miracles happen through these makeovers. It is so humbling to see the need of these families and so rewarding to be able to know that you did your best to help out. However little or however much. I'm praying this room will come together. I've been on the phones all day calling companies to donate and so far I have 2 possible donors. If they come through I may just have another miracle. I'll keep you posted. Say a little prayer for the volunteers for Heart2Home and for the Sevy family. Let's do some good!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


OKay! Here we go. Due to the CRAZY HIGH demand for New Moon tickets, my friend who is getting the theatre has decided to use this showing as a fundraiser for Goals for Greatness (Granting Opportunities Against Life's Struggles). She is selling the ticket for $15. However, since she decided to do this after she told me I could have these 200 for cost she says we can pay $10 per ticket. Please give me your FINAL count for how many you would like. Once again the showing is a sneak peek on November 19th at 7:45 pm. This is a good deal considering you won't wait in line and you get to see the movie 4 hours before it actually opens. We are going to have so much fun. Please get your New Moon gear. I know I already have! Let me know asap and we will figure out when and where to pay for and recieve your tickets. Thankyou!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Two Weeks! Yikes! Get your paint brushes ready!

Two weeks from today Heart2Home starts our next Home Makeover. This one is for the Sevy Family in Provo. I am putting together a team to do Sharon Sevy's room. To do: shopping for decor, paint, and decorate. We are going to have so much fun. If you want to help let me know. If you want more info just click on the Heart2Home button to the right. Here's some pics of what may be in store:

In the April 2007 my friends and I were put in charge of the "spiderman room" for the Thill family. My team was me, Natalie and Codi! We had so much fun. We got pottery barn to donate all decor for free. We've never had so much fun shopping in our life! Thank you pottery barn!
This awsome spiderman bunkbed was donated by Knights furniture.

Here's our team exhausted. Finally done! I am 8 months pregnant here and Codi had morning sickness the whole time. But we pulled it off. We had so much fun. We loved watching the kids explore their new room. It was so awesome! They were so excited!

This is me and Natalie decorating the Master bedroom at the Hill Family Makeover.

Picking out vinyl lettering for the front room of the Hill Makeover. If you want to help, let me know. It is an awesome experience you will never forget I promise you. But beware, service is addicting!

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