Thursday, June 30, 2011

Over the Hill

Yep, I'm 30 & I'm actually ok with it! haha! But really all my friends are older than me & I can tell from them that the best things come with age! So here's to getting older!!

We decided to celebrate by taking the kiddos to...wait for it...

so glad we did! We had the best time! I'm seriously! The weather couldn't have been better, the lines were almost non existent and the kids were so good! There wasn't a ride too scary for Ethan who LOVED Wicked, the Rocket, the name it He did it! Ashy wasn't as brave. In fact, she would NOT do Wicked even though I tried to bribe her. And she screamed so loud on Samarai that I felt bad for taking her on it. She did try the Colossus tho and loved it. Ty? Oh I have a feeling Ty is going to take after Ethan...

This is Ty & Ashy's friend Lexi on the new roller coaster Bom Bora. Yep, they are in the front with their hands in the air. He was so funny. He LOVED this ride! He rode it over and over and over!

Me & Ty on the carousel

with Mr Handsome

Ty & Lexi ready to roll!

Ashy is out of control at the carnival games. She won this bear (?) and 2 little frog stuffed animals that she gave to her brothers! You're out of control Ash

How many kids can you fit onto the log ride?

Katie, Me, Tina, and Brooklyn on the log ride

Ty saying, "I love this place!"

Ty & Vynessa on the Bumper Cars

We had so much fun we didn't leave until closing time so we got home around midnight. This is what we found when we drove up!

My friends and their kids "decorated" our house! haha! They put these pictures on facebook, so I stole them haha! Payback is in the planning stages :P

I know where you live little monsters!

All kidding aside it was really sweet of them to think of me and make me feel special. They also decorated my garage door with poster boards. The "30" made out of forks was really cute.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Today is the end of Roundup week (sniff sniff). I'm not ready to say goodbye!

mammoth parade!

The Adamson's 1st Lehi Parade married :)

Then on to a fun day at Wines Park:

Fun in the photo booth :)


Face painting!

The craft booth! They decorated sunglasses and made pinwheels. Be prepared to see Ty's eyes like this alot. His allergies are HORRIBLE right now :(

The FFA booth and all the animals

The baby sheep



me and mr handsome :)

The Pony rides! Thank you Lehi FFA!

The balloon animals

spiderman and his king cobra.

Ty on the swings.

Adios rodeo week... until next year!

Friday, June 24, 2011

"Hello Lehi..."

If you're from Lehi, you know what that means! It means ROUNDUP time! This was our 11th Lehi Roundup together! We have Never and plan on Never missing it! It's our favorite week of the year!!! We so look forward to it!

This was Ty's reaction to the steer wrestling. He thought it was hilarious!

Now my boys want motorcycles. haha, right!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We are the Champions!

Big games last night at the ball field! Ashy's team, The Nationals won the Lehi City Falcon League Championship! She played so good both games! We are so proud of those girls! Now onto state!

Snow cones!

Ashy's Awesome Hit!


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