Monday, June 22, 2009

Wow, it's been quite the last couple of days.

Alright, so, I'm gonna vent for a sec. Saturday morning Greg and I were going on our way up American Fork Canyon to camp with our new trailer. On the way up we find out that Greg's office as well as some other realtors and lenders' offices were broken into. A couple of computers were stolen one of which was our lender's. He has all of our information on there as we were trying to refinance one of our rentals. Anyways, we had to call all of our banks and put EVERYTHING on fraud alert. Also, I accidentally downloaded 38 viruses to my computer which really isn't good. So, I have all these cute pictures of our fun Father's Day camping trip and can't download them. Also, I can't shop online cuz now my credit cards are frozen. If you know me I shop alot online. I can't take my 3 crazy kids to the mall! Are you nuts? So, I can't get this cute summer dress I had my eye on for my birthday by next sunday. Waah! So, that's my pity party. Thankyou for listening. I"m bummed now. I need some chocolate. TTFN

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Mackintosh girls rock

Sorry Shandi, I couldn't resist. This is a friend of ours' bridal video. The bride is Sara, the mom is Becky and the sisters are Shandi, Kelsey and Mylee. They are so stinkin' fun and cute I had to post. This video makes me wish I was one of the sisters, hey becky got room?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Real Salt Lake game + David Archuleta = FUN!

On Saturday, we went to the Real Salt Lake soccer game with some friends and fam. It was a blast. They ended up tying otherwise it would have been a perfect night. After the game, David Archuleta did a lil concert. You wouldn't believe all the young girls screaming. None of the concert pics looked very good, otherwise I would have posted them. TTFN

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

There's a new nurse in town!

On Saturday, My Mom finally recieved her associates degree as a registered nurse. She was so happy to finally be done. Good job Mom! Here's Mom with her husband Jeff after the ceremony.

Mom with Tyson! He couldn't stop staring at her cap.

We stopped and had the kids pose for a while, it was a gorgeous day in Provo.

Monday, June 8, 2009

California dreamin'

Last week Greg bought us a camping trailer from an auction in California. So, we decided to make a road trip and go pick it up. Greg's parents came with us to make sure everything worked on the trailer. They bought a truck at the auction as well.

The drive was so long. As you can see, the kids got very creative trying to keep busy. Don't ask me why Ethan has underwear on his head. I'm just not sure. As for Ashton, she balanced this straw on her lip for a very very long time. Yes, my kids are so talented. As for Ty....well he slept most of the way. Thank heavens.

Here's the new trailer. Yea!! We love it! We ended up camping on the beach for a couple of nights before heading home. We had so much fun!

The kids LOVE the beach. Ty loved wandering and throwing the sand. This was his first REAL trip to the beach that he will remember. He was too little to remember the beach in Costa Rica last fall.

More pics of the fam on the beach!!
Here is Ashy with her new friend Shay who she met at the beach. We had a bonfire with Shay and her mom on the beach and roasted marshmallows. They exchanged addresses, Her first penpal!

On the way home we had to try really hard to keep Ty busy so we kept passing Grandma and Grandpa and waved. By the end of the trip Ty had it down. We laugh because he still does it whenever we roll the windows down. All in all we had an awesome trip to Cali and can't wait to take our new trailer camping this summer!

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