Sunday, April 25, 2010

This is the home that love built

What an awesome experience! I loved it so much! I wish it didn't have to end! Here's a peek into my past week!
Our team got asked to cover the master bathroom with a $75 budget 10 pm the night before the reveal. We were so excited! We've never had the task of taking over a bathroom before. It was so much fun!

Natalie scrubbing the shower!

Here's Kristie trying to figure out which way to display the toilet paper! Haha!

Codi putting up finishing touches on the curtain!

It think it turned out pretty spectacular if you ask me! I fully plan to copy that bathroom and put it in my house! I do know where the designers shopped! Hee hee!

When we weren't working on our 2 rooms we were fortunate enough to be able to help in other places. Here's Me, Codi and Tina measuring a vinyl quote to put between the picture frames in the Living room!

Here's Kristie begging for free vinyl quotes! She came through too! Thanks girl!

Here's me and Gregger hanging curtain rods in the formal living room (finally getting some time with my ever busy honey)!

Magical Connie! This woman is an amazing artist. She painted this Bakugan (which Ethan wants in his room), Spongebob, and the ocean room murals. She's phenomenal and now my kids want her to come do their rooms.

The ocean room! Ashy wants this bed so bad!

Prison Reunion!

Here's Natalie, Lee and Vicki helping put together a dresser donated by Ikea in the ocean room! And there's Connie just painting away!

Our main focus though was on Princess Rebecca's room. We put so much love into that room I hope she feels it! I loved loved loved my team. They are my go to girls. I respect the heck out of each and every one of them and know I can count on them. Thanks you guys!

Poor Codi! She did so much work! She's just so good at what she does, we let her do it all!

Kelton and Kristie hanging up the curtains!

Told ya! She's always working!

Everything in that little closet was donated. She got so many new clothes and shoes from Kid 2 kid and our team. I hope she loves them.

Krisie (AKA Martha) made these letters for Rebecca's wall. They are amazing. You can't quite tell in the picture but they were glittery, fun and beautiful. You are amazing girl! Thank you Wood Connection for donating the wood!

Our team! Natalie, Kristie, Katrina, Me, Codi and Vicki! We're DONE!!

The big Reveal. The Keusters Returned home in the same firetrucks that fought the blaze that burnt their old one to the ground.

The family was blindfolded when they arrived so they couldn't see!

I was able to get Rebecca off the firetruck and tell her how special she was before we took her blindfold off! I seriously lost it then. I cried!

Here's Greg getting all pumped up! Ready to let the Keuster's see the house!

Our team was able to sit in Rebecca's room and wait for her to see it. We were so excited. In fact, Greg totally tricked us (so him) by making us think she was there and we almost passed out. I think Vicki literally fell to the floor!

Rebecca's Reaction: She was so sweet and cute! We just love her! Codi gave her a tiara and some jewelry and told her what a princess she was and that she was special. We were all crying. I bet she thought we were a bunch of crazy ladies!

Here she is showing her friends her new dress ups!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I LoVe DoWn EAsT

It's my new favorite place! Tiffany Wakeling, director of sales for Down East you are my hero! She came through AGAIN! Today she brought down this perfectly fantastic bed for Rebecca and this very cute bedding. I'm so excited! I absolutely love it! Can't wait to finish this room!!

How many girls does it take to put the legs on one little table? Answer: 3

Greg brought Ty down for a little while and had some lunch with the crew. He thought he was pretty important today!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Who says I'm not artsy?

I can't paint a straight line. That's what I told artist Roger Whiting, who volunteered to paint the mural. But He still insisted it would be ok and here I go!

We had so much fun today painting the mural in Rebecca's princess room. We painted for 6 hours today and We're not even half way done but it's already starting to feel magical! I'm so excited! We had a lot of fun today!

I can't wait to see what it will look like tomorrow!

Missing my "New Mexican" family :(

My family from New Mexico and my little Bro who lives in Idaho came up for a weekend. I loved every second of their visit!

My cousins who are half Mexican are in a group called ROC which stands for Remembering Our Culture. It is an amazing program that I hope someday my kids can be a part of to remember their Costa Rican culture. They had a fireside and sang beautifully some very inspiring songs in their various languages. It was so amazing.

Then the next 2 days they had a concert where they danced various cultural dances from Africa, the Phillippines, Mexico, Hawaii, Samoa and China. As well as some Native American Dances. This is the third year we've gotten to watch them. This time we were there to watch my cousins Amanda and Justin dance as well as Branda sing. The kids loved it. They love my cousins! They are pretty great!

Here is Manda and Justin dancing a Bolivian (I think?) folk dance. I loved that they were partnered togtether.
Here's Justin doing the slap dance from the island of Samoa!
After the concert we all wanted to mingle but the kids were exhausted so Greg took the mokeys home and let me ave a nice night out with my family. Where's the best place to mingle really late and you're starving? IHOP!!!
I love these women!
Aunt Molli and My sis Tina! (Tina is really impressed by the menu :) haha!)
Poor Jojo! He was so tired! I decided to try to keep him awake here! Sorry bud, I didn't mean to stick it so far up your nose!
So, pretty much I'm missing my "mexican" family right now! I love you guys!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

So lately Greg and I have had our very separate projects that are our "baby." First, let's talk about mine! The GARDEN! I decided to move 3 trees and tear out a section of our yard for our garden. It's been alot of work. I've spent all week shoveling squares of sod out. It really wasn't very fun, I have the blisters to prove it! At least I got half of it done!

Then today, thank heavens my neighbor who was helping Greg with his project saw me struggling and offered to let us borrow his tiller. (angel sounds here)
So, Greg tilled the rest and then the YM YW of our ward needed to do some service so they came and cleared out all the sod for us and then unloaded some fill dirt from the back of our truck!

It feels so good to finally be done with the hard stuff and look forward to the fun stuff! Thank you little helpers!

Greg's project:
His basketball hoop! He's been working on it for over a week. My brother Joe helped before he had to go back to Idaho.

And Ethan sure tried to help! But there's only so much a 5 year old can do!

Thank you strong neighbor friends!

Greg is now in his own little heaven!

Not too shabby for half a Saturday's day of work!

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