Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve!

Every Christmas eve for the last 10 years we have gone to the Adamsons for our Christmas Party. The kids look forward to it every year!

Thank you Santa for taking a break from delivering presents to see us!
Ashton asked Santa for a motor scooter

Ethan asked for a Nintendo ds and legos

and Ty asked for a blue bike and a helmet

Me and my lil princess

We can't forget the christmas hair! Her brothers said her hair looked like a christmas present. haha!

Me & my niece Jaide. Ty drew her name in the cousin exchange and picked out some really cute boots that hopefully are too small for her so she can give them to me! Hint hint Jaide!

Lee showing the nieces his christmas present for Jenni. Shh... it's a secret!

Katie with Toby

For the gift exchange Ashy got this DS game from Chloe!

Ty got Toy Story toys from Lauren

And Ethan got a semi truck with lots of trucks in it from Jaide!

Daisy couldn't understand why there was a huge dead animal in the living room. Grandma Penny can't either but made the most of it and decorated him so cute since there was no room for a tree. Maybe next year Penny!

Listening to Greg read a Christmas book.

All the Adamsons with Santa

Ethan got this really cute choo choo train from Santa, the other 2 kids got really cute books.

Our Christmas Eve tradition:

Cookies and Milk with the letters for Santa

We have always slept out by the Christmas tree together ever since Ashy was a baby. It's getting harder now that we have 3 and they are getting bigger :) We read a couple stories and then we hurried to get to sleep so Santa could come!

Good night my little Angels! I love you so much! Hope you get everything you asked for!!!
The Lights at Temple Square

Ty posing in front of the Salt Lake Temple

The ninja in front of the temple

We took Trax downtown so the kids could experience the train. They loved it.

Waiting for the train

We were waiting for the train when Ashton found our friend Paul Berg's name on this wall. Paul died of cancer last July. We were so happy to know that Paul is still around, maybe not physically but He's definately around us. Merry Christmas Paul!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

More christmas treats!

Love making christmas treats with the babes!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A little elf just came over and dropped off this masterpiece! Isn't it amazing? The kids keep staring at it. They want to eat it but it's just too pretty!!! Thank you Adonica & Peggy!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Candlelight Christmas at This is The Place!

Traditions, traditions! We had so much fun last year at This Is The Place that we went back! We've decided it will be our new Christmas tradition!

Little Ty Ty with Santa. He wants a blue bike!

Lee & Jenni with Santa

Making christmas chains.

Dancing in the Dance Hall

Riding on the Train

Group pic of the train!

Natalie and Jake on the Train

Joe & Penny on the train

Lee & Jenny on the train

We stopped at the ZCMI store and got some treats!

We wrote letters to Santa. Ashy wants a motor scooter and a camera
Ty writing his Santa list

Then, after writing our letters we threw them into the magical fire that send the letters straight to the North Pole to Santa! Love Magic!

Lee & Jenni are so happy and cute I had to take a pic! Cute!

Filling sacks with "Magical Reindeer Food" for the reindeer of course!

We got to see Santa's reindeer

Gotta love Candlelight Christmas!

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