Saturday, June 23, 2012

Father's Day

 I hope you had a good Father's Day Honey!  I love you so much!
 One of Greg's favorite things to do is go to American Fork Canyon and hang out with our little family.  So that's what we did for Father's Day.  We got Greg a raft for his special day and we took it to Tibble Fork Reservoir and launched it, had a picnic and had a great day! 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Playing Dress up!

 Greg got me a saweet camera for Mother's Day (Thank you handsome)!  I'm LOVING it!  It's a lil high tech and I have no idea what I'm doing yet but poor Emery was my guinea pig the other day and we played dress up!  I think they turned out pretty cute!

 Em just wanted to eat her Tutu!
 I wore her right out!  poor baby!
 The Flash woke her up and this is the face she gave me!  Needless to say I stopped taking pics and let her sleep after this one haha!

Go Nationals!

 We've had a crazy week full of softball tournaments with Ashy.  Her team, The Nationals took 2nd place in the Falcon League in Lehi which means they are going to the state tournament in July!  Way to go you guys!  I'm so proud of Ashton!  She's such a trooper!  She's turned into a great hitter and loved playing 2nd place and even got to pitch a little.  Bring on the tourney!
 Ashy and her friend Jordan who is their Catcher.
 With her favorite coach, Daddy!
Nice trophy Ashy!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Little Dolly is getting so big!

Memorial Day Weekend

 We had an awesome weekend!  We Greg took the kids to Hill Air Force Base to see the air show.  They had so much fun!

 Ashy and Jenni
 Then we went to Fairview for some time with Grandpa.  Ashy got to bring her friend Savannah and they had so much fun driving 4 wheelers and riding the horses.

 Then, we went to Starvation Reservior and did some camping with our Friends the Luce's, Heatons, Butterfields, and the Smith's. 
Ashy, Lexi and Savannah!
The best thing about camping?  The Food!  Rick and Amber made some YUMMY stew in the Dutch oven.
 Kelton cooking up some Grub!
 Then, we came home and played some ball with the Heaton's and Luce's.  We had a blast!
 Ethan a lil intense playing 2nd base.

 Ashy pitching to Lexi
 My handsome!
 Lexi pitching to Ashy
 So ready!
 What a Hit!!!
 Brooklyn on 3rd!
 Rounding 3rd base ready for home!
 Lexi at bat
 E Dog at bat!
 Luce at bat!
 Go Ethan!
 Ricky Bobby pitching!
Savannah at bat!

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