Wednesday, November 30, 2011

She's a Decade

Ashy turned 10 years old yesterday. 10 years. That just sounds crazy. I swear it hasn't been 10 years. Wowza. We had her party last night and let me just say 15 10 year old girls at once is just way wow. That's all I can say. They were craaaaazy...

Ashy with her cake. She designed it. She drew a picture for me of what she wanted down to the colors and everything. I baked the cakes and frosted them. She made the fondant, I helped her a little. She rolled it out, cut out the stripes and the polka dots and voila. She did a very good job. It was fun.

I told ya these girls were silly

Happy Birthday silly princess.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Mr Edog is 7

Our little man turned 7 on Saturday. I can't believe he's gotten so big. sniff sniff

Edog with his Captain America cake

playing games with the boys at his party

Ashy's first piano recital

Ashy has been taking piano for the past couple of months and is doing so good. We loved going to her first recital. So proud of her for memorizing her music and being so brave to play in front of everyone. Yay Ashy.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Florida trip part 4

Daytona beach and Coco Beach

We loved our hotel in Daytona. We had a blast

Then we went to Coco Beach and Cape Canavral. The kids loved seeing the Shuttles

Digging in the sand

Ethan showing off his artwork.

We went to St. Augustine which was really neat and we wish we had spent more time there.

The kids found a fun shop in St. Augustine

We didn't get to see a gator there :( Guess this gator will have to do.

We saw some cool lighthouses

The Beach Princess

I love that Ashy loves the ocean

Ty loved running up and down the beach over and over

The boys playing on the beach

I miss the beach :(

Florida trip part 3


This was Ashy's mostest favorite place. She loved Harry Potter's world.

waiting in line for the Harry Potter ride. It was amazing. They recreated the castle and Ashy was enthralled with all the little details.

On the Hipogriff Harry Potter ride.

Ashy with Neville's wand.

Tyson casting his charms

Greg and Ashy with their Butterbeer

The Kids loved their Butterbeer

In front of the Hogwarts Express

Tyson loved everything about the Dr Seuss part of the park

Really wanted to get this for our little Thing 4

AAah. It's a T rex

run away my little babies

Tyson was so excited that he was big enough to do the Jurassic Park ride. Greg was nervous he would fall out but Ty felt so big that he could do it

ethan on the Jurassic Park ride. He told me, "I've always wanted to fly."

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