Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I went to my first Real Heart2home meeting yesterday. I know you're all surprised it's my first. I've always been a behind the scenes kind of girl. Ask me to do something and I'll do it but I've never officially been on the board or come to any meetings. Greg's always done it and I've stayed home with the kids. Well, it's a new day! I'm now in charge of the heart2home blog and facebook fan page. (gulp). I'm kind of nervous. I don't want to let anyone down. I have no problem doing my own blog but this is a little scary. The blog is going to be used to keep volunteers updated. When, where, why, you know the drill. I'm really nervous so Wish me luck! If you want to follow that blog here it is and become a fan of heart2home on facebook!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Calling all helpers...

Yep! We're at it again! Announcing the next family to receive a home makeover! The Keuster family of Orem! We're knocking down the home and building another one in 10 days - this poor family lost their 9 year old daughter to swine flu in 2009 and just before the holidays their home burned. We are ready to help! Come join us!

Here are some before pictures of the damage the fire left. Can't wait to tear this house down and rebuild!

We are so excited and ready! We need help though! Skilled or not skilled we need you!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

When Mommy's sick

Nothing good happens when Mommy's sick! I've had Strep throat this week and my house is falling apart and so are my kids. I've been too sick to even notice that my 5 year old cut his own hair. At first He tried to tell me that Ty did it. Yeah right. He finally fessed up and thinks it's hilarious.

Does He look scared of me?

Here's the damage!

Trying a #2. He thinks it's so funny!

Uh oh! Not working. Need to go shorter :( I love Ethan's hair I'm sad!

He's Bald! Oh bother! I'm bummed, but Greg loves it!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I found them!!!

I have been searching FOREVER for flower girl dresses for Jen's wedding and I found them!!! I'm so excited! We got them for $24 each with shipping!! Woo hoo!!! Can you tell I'm so freaking excited!!! Yay!
This one is Ashy's!
And this one is Raven's!
So excited for April 8th!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Craziest week ever!

This week has been so many things. CrAzY, exciting,busy, nerveracking, overwhelming, emotional, life changing, miraculous, fun, exhausting but definately memorable.

The week started off with Greg's Alumni Tournament which ended Friday night at 11pm.

Monday I was so busy running around getting donations for the prison trying to squeeze my clients in before the makeover started and then going to the high school to watch 5hours of basketball. Ditto to Tuesday and Wednesday.

Thursday was so nerve racking for me. I was so nervous about this project at the prison. I felt overwhelmed at first and then, it just felt right. Working at the prison was such a different experience. You get a sense of what prison life is like. You have NO freedom. You weren't allowed to bring ANYTHING in.... we did sneak in some chocolate friday (who says you can't?)

We thought we would just go in and whip this baby out. Put on a couple coats of paint and call it a day. Not so much! First of all, the actual process of coming into the jail takes so much time. You have to be cleared, make sure you have no electronics and walk in in groups, never alone. You can never be without a staff member. Which means, If you gotta go pee, you all go together with a guard, or let's say you need a screwdriver to open a paint can.... you have to go to a guard and check one out. And then check it back in. Or maybe you need some scissors to cut the vinyl lettering you're trying to stick to cinder blocks (which by the way isn't so easy!) you gotta check it out! We learned PATIENCE. Which was a good thing. You had to just learn that "It is what it is." I think I said that alot this week. It's not that big of a deal. Just breathe. And it'll be ok. We had many memorable "moments" there I can't write all. But there are some that just stay with you. Most of the inmates were moved to other parts of the prison as we worked, but there were a few who had to stay locked in thier cells. I remember painting a wall not 6 feet from a cell and every once in a while I could see this woman watching my progress. I just happened to look over and she was looking at me, just smiling and said with 2 thumbs up, " I love the purple." Four words, that's it, was enough to make me see how BIG this was for them. Another was a young inmate who overheard us discussing which 5 words we wanted to be the first words you see as you walk in. She jumped in and said, " I like Grace because you just don't feel graceful here. You forget it." We let her take over after that and I believe the final words were, "Hope, Confidence, Breathe and Grace". Then, at the reveal we showed them this gorgeous mural that's kind of hard to explain but it was a picture of a girl at diffent stages, different stages. And Marci, who's in charge asked them what they thought when they looked at it. Their responses were amazing. From, "I see color, I see change," to =,"I see hope, " and "I see that there are people who care about me." There wasn't a dry eye. There are so many more but those are some o my favorites.

We were able to have some women from the general population of the prison come and help us. At first, I was not nervous but maybe cautious and a little uncomfortable. And then, they changed us. They worked so hard. There was one in particular (the one who helped with the words) who was so beautiful, so young, and had such a soft, sweetness about her. I just wanted to go over, give her a hug (not allowed), and ask, Why? We did on Saturday minus the hug and realized that one mistake can change your life forever. She was a young, gorgeous, normal mommy to a little boy who made a bad decision. She's been there 3 months and hopes to get out soon. I can't stop thinking about her and her little boy. I had a really hard time when she and the others had to leave. My heart just broke! I knew where they were going and it just made me cry. I pray they can turn their lives around and never go back to where they are now. They forever changed my life.

I had the bestest team in the world to work with. First Natalie, my sister in law and Her Mom Vicki. They have helped in the past and I knew I could count on them. But this project was especially hard for them. Natalie's younger sister has been at that prison, she's out now but hopefully will be back as soon. I know that sounds weird to have me say that. But, she has a drug problem and for Natalie & Vicki they know that she's safe when she's there. It was hard for me to watch them. I was always worried it would be too much. But they stuck it out and I hope it was healing for them to help. Then there was my little sis Tina. Boy did we break her in! She just rolled with the punches and worked her guts out! The inmate I was talking about earlier seemed to really be drawn to her. They just hit it off. I was so proud of her and I'm so grateful that we got to share this experience! I'll remember it forever!

I know this is a long blog but I'm not done yet! Thursday afternoon my baby Brother Jake became a daddy! Natalie Charlize Nicoll was 7lbs 5oz and was 20 inches long. She is absolutely beautiful and I am so proud of Jake and Kapri! I love you guys! Congratulations!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

More Basketball

Survived another night of Alumni basketball. Greg plays "the best" team tonight at 7. If they win they play again at 10pm. If they lose they are out of the tourney! Good luck tonight honey!
Yay 1994, you beat a team 7 years older than you! Way to go!

Ty's favorite spot to watch the to Daddy! Ty was so worried that Greg was so sweaty and red he kept asking him, "you okay?" So sweet!
#12's best asset! hee hee!
Go #12! He shoots, he scores!

My nieces Lauren and Katie running the score board. This really is fun for the family. Greg's other brother plays too so we all go and watch the boys!

Halftime is really fun as well. Here's Lee and Ty trying to dunk the ball. They have lots of contests at half time. I won a $10 gift certificate to Cafe Rio last night. Go me!
Here's Ty and his friend Kyson practicing their moves! Good D Ky!

Here's the future of Lehi Basketball!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


It's day 3 of Alumni basketball. Am I a bad wife for not wanting to go for the 3rd day in a row? Uggg!!! I love that Greg has fulfilled one of his dreams. Which was to get all the Lehi basketball Alumni to play in a tournament, I really do. But since he's in charge He's there from 5-11:30pm EVERY DAY!!!!! I can only keep my kids busy on the bleachers for so long! On a good note, I love watching Greg play the game He loves. Go #12! WE love you!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Ice skating...

before the fall!

As you can see the kids had so much fun, Even with the accident after on the bleachers! Tanks for the pics Lee!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Stitches! Need I say more?

Got your attention didn't I? Yeah, that fun Ice Skating trip ended abruptly when Ashton fell and hit her face on the bleachers. Poor little lady didn't want stitches. She kept crying, "No more surgery," on the way to the doctor. She's had her share of ucky accidents I couldn't really blame her for being terrified.
We laid on the hospital bed together and watched Monsters Inc while the cut numbed and had a nice little heart to heart. She was so brave! She was absolutely terrified before she was numb. At one point I really hoped she would just pass out from hyperventilating so they could stitch her up.
She kept asking the doctor to see the needle. Finally he did and she just started cracking up because it was so little. And then she was so excited to see the thread was blue! Which happens to be her favorite color. She ended up asking a zillion questions like. "What are you doing now?" and, "How many knots are you making?" and, "Can I see?" Luckily, I had my phone so I took pics and showed them to her as the dr stitched her up. She is one tough cookie!
Grandma Penny and Aunt Natalie showed up with her favorite, a Crunch bar and a cute balloon that had a bandaid over it's eye just like her. As you can see, she was pretty happy about that.
Right now this is how She looks. Her face is really starting to show the trauma of her fall. She says her face hurts so I just gave her some Tylenol. Let's hope she can get some rest. Night all!

Looking ahead to 2018!

We have a new Utah native Olympic champion! Ashton Adamson!!! Woo hoo! least that's what the kids told me when I went out to watch them play in the snow this morning! We had a big snowstorm last night and this morning which left us with all this fun snow!

Look out Shawn White and Lindsay Jacobelis! There's a new girl on the circuit! Who? Ashton Adamson! I think someone's ready for some snowboarding lessons 8)

And now....The Luge! Check out her form! Yes, I know my daughter is hilarious!

Ashy & E had fun making this snowman!

Ashy taking Ty down the hill in front of our house! So much fun!

Now they are off with Uncle Lee and the other cousins trying another Olympic sport...Figure skating. Thanks Lee for taking the kids for the day!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Coming soon....

Natalie Nicoll!!! WHO? My soon to be niece!!! My baby brother and his wife are expecting Natalie soon! 3 weeks or less! Yay! Kapri's baby shower was this past weekend and Ashy and Raven got to come to their first shower ever!!! We had a lot of fun!
2 excited cousins!

the blessing dress. Tradition! My Mom always makes the blessing dress! So gorgeous!
Ashy won one of the games and got a cute bath set for a prize! All she had to do was guess how big Kapri's belly was! She was on cloud nine!

happy bday jayden

Oops...a little late! But it's the thought right?

Happy 5th birthday JJ!
Ty is practicing for his birthday coming up in a couple of months!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My next challenge!

So, here's my next challenge! Heart2Home is updating the women's state prison next week. My Job? Turn this teeny tiny office...

into a space where these women can have therapy in a relaxing and healing place. Here are my thoughts so far... Color palate: greens and purples. Theme: spa, beach, relaxation. Got me? Oh yes and we are also redoing their media/library section. We are looking for doations for vhs videos, excercise videos as well as hygeine products. Wish us luck!

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